Medichill’s Cool Cubes are flexible, comfortable and completely safe to use both in schools and at home.
Cool Cubes for Children are the Number 1 choice for thousands of schools.
A professional and economical cold compress, which can be given to children to take back to class and use unsupervised.
A safe, effective and natural way to soothe pain and reduce swelling. Non-allergenic.
Ideal for treating playground bumps and bruises, stings and bites, getting the children back to class faster.
Stays cold for prolonged periods.
Can be cut to a smaller tailored size for additional cost savings or increased flexibility.
Simple to prepare and easy to use – Soak – Freeze – Apply.
Same patient can reuse, or easily disposed after use for greater infection control.
Stays dry when thawing out, meaning no mess or excess water.
Lightweight and easy to store. No expiry date.